07. Mai 2014 09:41 von Jens Bothmer (Kommentare: 0)

Hosted by Stefanie Kuhnen and Markus von der Lühe the 90 min workshop at NEXT14 was very interesting and a lot of fun. The perspective of the six social cognitive needs is quite new and worth keeping an eye on. It would be interesting to know the concept behind the needs and how they were carved out. A factor analysis could be the right tool to do so.

Not only the method was quite new and effective, our brilliant team also developed an attractive business model idea using rapid prototyping: “A locally orientated non-commercial ngo crowdfunding platform“. And I was picked to present the idea with the well-known business model canvas. We even sketched up a nice icon metaphor as you can see in the picture. Feel free to engage in our idea.

Thank you, Stefanie and Markus, for the inspirations.



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